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Ray Shasho

Founder and Director

of the

Publicity Works


PUBLICITY WORKS! is your business confidant. We’re engaged round-the- clock to build your brand and heighten your celebrity status, by utilizing every media promotional tool and source required to insure a successful publicity campaign. Our savvy team of public relation managers and publicists have dedicated over 25 prolific years in publicity, marketing, journalism, sales, finance and entrepreneurial matureness, and are partnered with vital and influential media professionals and experts to empower maximum exposure.

In today’s fast-paced and state-of-the-art world, an ongoing publicity campaign is essential to rise above the competition and become extraordinary and prosperous.


PUBLICITY WORKS! will thrive to take you to that level of success and beyond.  A personal publicist will be at your beck and call to persistently brainstorm and tweak ideas and to reassure that we’ve orchestrated the very best possible publicity campaign tailored to fit your every need.

Music journalist/author/radio host/entrepreneur Ray Shasho was dubbed ‘Rock Raymond’ by friends and family for his love of rock music. Since a kid growing up in Baltimore, Maryland he became obsessed with music. In high school, he attended hundreds of concerts and even took a job at the famed Capital Centre arena to meet his favorite musicians before and after their shows. After graduating from a CBS owned broadcasting school in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Ray became a Top 40 radio deejay in the late 70’s and early 80’s and his life became the music. 


After his stint in radio, Shasho became an entrepreneur in electronics. Ray and his family owned and operated cutting-edge retail electronic businesses in Washington, D.C. where Shasho witnessed all the technological advancements firsthand and how it affected the music industry. From early transistor radios, record players, reel to reel tape recorders, cassette and eight track tape players, walkmans, CD players to MP3’s. Some of Ray’s clients included … Chuck Norris, James Mason, Ted Williams, Alex Haley, Art Buchwald, Dick Gregory, Dionne Warwick, John Candy, Jon Voight and General Colin Powell.


Shasho published his first novel entitled Check the Gs,  a comical and awe-inspiring novel about growing up in the family business. Shasho subsequently released a second novel entitled, Wacky Shenanigans on F Street-Proud to be Politically Incorrect in Washington D.C.

In 2010, Ray Shasho became a classic rock music journalist in St. Petersburg, Florida.  It started out as a fun gig to help promote his book but something very extraordinary transformed. Shasho began covering concerts and music events around the Tampa Bay area and decided to take a crack at interviewing some of the rock music legends that he idolized all of his life.

To date, Shasho has interviewed and promoted over 2000 legendary musicians and celebrities.

Ray's third book entitled The Rock Star Chronicles features over 45 intimate conversations with the greatest music legends of our time. The book is the first of a multi-series.

Ray is the host of Interviewing the Legends spotlighting in-depth interviews with legendary musicians, authors and celebrities.

Ray also features the movers and shakers of the music and publishing industries and has compiled an incredible contact and referral database that he uses to help his clients.  


Ray has been happily married to his wife Sharon for over 40 years, he has a daughter, a son, and five grandchildren.

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front Page ad.”

–Richard Branson

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