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“‘Shining Stars’:

Inspiring Stories and Simple Steps to Empower You to Achieve Your Highest Potential”


Bringing together the minds and voices of authors across the country, author Teresa Hailey worked to create a volume that will empower readers through inspiring short stories. Her new collection of short stories, “‘Shining Stars’: Inspiring Stories and Simple Steps to Empower You to Achieve Your Highest Potential” was written to give readers the motivation to do whatever their hearts desire.

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The Conspiracy Between The Union Army

And John Wilkes Booth To Assassinate Abraham Lincoln:

By Capt. Robert E. Arnold, M.D., USNRR



Regarding the Assassination of

Abraham Lincoln


LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY– SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2015: After decades of historic scrutiny, Capt. Robert E. Arnold, M.D., USNRR and First Edition Design Publishing are excited to release a historic game-changer, The Conspiracy between the Union Army and John Wilkes Booth to Assassinate Abraham Lincoln. This is the only book to point out historical inconsistencies as well as disputing recent allegations by such authors as Bill O’ Reilly and Martin Dugard in their book: Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever.


The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth is one of the most significant occurrences in the history of the United Sates and an enduring subject of interest and study. One reason for the interest is the aura of controversy surrounding much of the story as presented.  There was never any question as to who shot Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth had made certain that the entire world knew that he was the assassin. The only question was did he have help? One theory was that the act was a crazy plot by a few renegades to restart the war. Another theory was that the Confederate Secret Service had assisted Booth. A third theory was that the Union army, with the help of Lafayette Baker and Edwin Stanton, was also involved. After reading the evidence in the National Archives, there can be little doubt that the betrayal of Abraham Lincoln involved all of the above.

This book relies entirely on primary sources, United States Archives and Official Records and shows that there was a conspiracy with the Union Army and various others to aid Booth in assassinating Lincoln. This book traces the assassination from Ford's Theater, the escape and killing of the man purportedly Booth, trial, execution and aftermath.


Captain Robert E. Arnold, M.D., USNRR is a retired Naval Officer who was an Instructor in Advanced Trauma Life Support for the Department of defense. He was also a member of Fleet Surgical Team Four, and has had several deployments ranging from the Arctic Circle to the Indian Ocean. While a civilian, Captain Arnold practiced General Surgery and was the Assistant Coroner for Jefferson County for five years. He has utilized these experiences and the actual witness statements in the National Archives instead of the frequently used newspaper accounts of the day to reconstruct the events concerning the assassination of President Lincoln and the escape of John Wilkes Booth. This account is significantly different than previously published accounts. Capt. Arnold is now retired and resides in Louisville, Ky. with Betty, his wife of 60 years.

-By Pacific Book Review

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A new examination of the facts surrounding the violent death of President Abraham Lincoln gathered by a retired naval officer and surgeon/coroner raises many valid questions about the generally accepted story of that assassination and its aftermath. The idea for this book arose twenty years ago, after author Capt. Robert E. Arnold, M.D. read an article about the identity and autopsy of John Wilkes Booth. The evidence presented in that article seemed at odds with what the doctor was able to determine from the photographs and written accounts.

Arnold is clear from the outset: Booth and only Booth actually killed President Lincoln, by a pistol shot, in a public theater. He describes Booth as an egotistical actor with Southern sentiments who considered Lincoln a wrong-sighted politician; Booth wanted to kidnap the President while the war was still raging, but decided on assassination when it was clear the South had lost. But Arnold, like many other theorists, is sure that Booth did not act alone. The author names very likely conspirators highly placed in the Union army and government, the main one being Edwin Stanton. According to Arnold, Stanton, who was serving as assistant to Lincoln’s Secretary of War, was a very radical Republican who had made himself one of the most powerful men in Washington through his connections to the military. Stanton and others like him felt strongly that the South should be punished after the war, and feared that Lincoln and his like-minded colleague Seward would institute policies of reconciliation, policies that threatened the radical Republican power base.

Throughout Arnold’s book are photographs of the written archives he was able to access. He makes many good points that definitely suggest an assassination conspiracy rather than a lone perpetrator. He also questions the death of Booth, believing it to have been staged; one piece of evidence he offers in support of this idea is that Booth’s body was taken to the US Montauk, where by remarkable coincidence, there were a number of people on board who could absolutely swear that the body was that of Booth. Also, a photograph of the corpse was ordered but never presented, and Booth’s diary, entrusted to Stanton, was later produced—with 18 pages missing. There are several extant theories about Booth’s survival, yet surprisingly, the US government has never approved DNA testing that could establish the identity of Booth’s purported remains.

The outstanding element of Arnold’s narrative is that it begins with action, and never deviates from action. The theoretical pieces are peripheral to the intense drama of these remarkable events—the cold-blooded murder of a much admired American, the pursuit and subsequent hanging of the presumed perpetrators, including one woman, all taking place during the somber days of mourning the slain president and the inevitable chaos within a government left without its leader. Mysterious notes, conflicting eye-witness accounts, assignations, denials, and record keeping often in handwriting only...all serve to heighten the drama, as depicted by Arnold.

Though there is no doubt who fired the fatal shot, Arnold invites interested or concerned readers to think seriously about the many possible, conflicting facets that touch upon this historic tragedy. This is truly a great read and a vast historical account of Lincoln's assassination. The amount of research required to write this book was tremendous.

By Beyond The Realms Format: Paperback


“I’ve never been one to put much weight into conspiracy theories, because most of them that I have seen and heard about are largely based on opinions and wildly unbelievable ideas. What I like about this book, is that the case laid out for the reader is based off of facts and loopholes found in the documents of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination that are kept in the National Archives. There are many written testimonies, in their original form shown in pictures, throughout the book. Some of them are so worn and/or blurry that it’s hard to read them and I don’t know if it’s just that way in the advance reader copy that I received and it will be better for the actual release or not, but even then, many of them are also easily legible for the reader.


Author Robert Arnold makes some startling points about people that were involved in the assassination of Abe and those who aided in John Wilkes Booth’s escape. There is no question that Booth killed Lincoln, but some of the facts that Arnold unearths in this book are truly shocking. The most jaw dropping findings to me that he shows you, without question, implements Secretary of War Edwin Stanton in his role of helping with the assassination. There are too many situations that he shows you through the facts of the case for him to have not been involved in it.


The information in this book that lays out the case that John Wilkes Booth was in fact never killed, but rather another man was murdered in his place and told to the public that it was Booth who died in a barn shoot out a few weeks after Lincoln’s assassination is very intriguing. There is very plausible evidence that suggests that Booth lived all the way into the 1900’s under assumed names and this book tells it all!


This book will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about the Lincoln assassination. Some of the points in the book may not sway you, but others (most) will undoubtedly show you that there were definitely some conspiratorial scenarios going on during this tragic event. Robert Arnold thoroughly did his research for this book; it’s one that I couldn’t put down and would highly recommend to anyone who is fascinated by anything to do with Abraham Lincoln. I easily give this book 5/5!”


The Conspiracy Between The Union Army And John Wilkes Booth To Assassinate Abraham Lincoln:

ISBN 978-1622176670 PB WaveCloud Corporation

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